The Rise and Fall of Reality:
Deliberations on the Mind-Body Problem

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About the Author:
Dan J. Bruiger

Blake Welcome to my Web site on the Mind-Body Problem.
While these short essays on closely related topics may be read independently, as a whole they contain a loosely coherent philosophy of mind which is the product of lay reflections gathered irregularly over more than thirty years.

On the one hand, this work is offered to professional philosophers as my best shot at "the hard problem". More broadly it is intended for anyone who, like myself, is committed to self-inquiry through the vehicle of thought. I believe a passionate curiosity about existence is essential for a life consciously and conscientiously lived. We want to know what we are, what the world is, the meaning of this brief journey and how to conduct ourselves through it.

As a technical brain-teaser, the Mind-Body Problem preoccupies a mere few thousands of individuals, mostly academics. In a larger context, it concerns the very miracle of being living creatures who are conscious subjects-- what it means to be here as a body of matter which is also a mind. At the core of eternal concerns addressed by every form of spirituality, it is in this context-- of a philosophy for living, where science and religion meet-- that I share these reflections. Your questions, comments and responses are most welcome. I will do my best to reply in due course.

Best wishes and peace to all.

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